Traveling to Ireland for the first time isn’t a cultural shock, because of globalization. The young Irish people who are basically raised on a steady diet of friends now have accents with an American twinge. Moreover, the single currency had made travelers within the Eurozone less complicated significantly. However, there are still some useful tips for perfectly traveling to Ireland. In this article, we will discuss all of these useful tips.

10 useful travel tips for Ireland

Here, we will discuss the top 10 useful tips for perfectly traveling to Ireland. These are as follows:

  1. Northern Ireland uses a different currency
  2. Rent a Car
  3. Check Your Baggage Restrictions
  4. Learn the Tipping Guidelines
  5. Adjust Your Expectations of the Céad Míle Fáilte
  6. Pre-book Trains
  7. Winter Days Are Short
  8. Sunday Is a Day of Rest

Northern Ireland uses a different currency

Most of the people who love to travel in Ireland know the fact that it’s split into two different countries. When you are traveling across the border you should know the fact that as part of the UK Northern Ireland basically uses the pound sterling, not the euro. As we know that the international bank cards perfectly work in the ATMs as well as chip and pin terminal works on both sides so it makes no huge difference.

Rent a Car

While traveling to Ireland the most mesmerizing and Irish sight can be seen by using public transport, tour buses, and as well as renting a small car. If you want to go to a spectacular place then must rent a small car. So, if you make your mind to rent a car then remember that people there drive on the left-hand side of the road and pass on the right side. However, it is best for you to rent a car for visiting rural areas, country roads in Ireland.

Check Your Baggage Restrictions

For flying within Europe, the Irish budget airline Ryanair provides low fares. They are also known for placing certain rules and regulations on bargain low fares. Moreover, they place restrictions on baggage as well if they find out heavy cabin.  Cabin bags limits are the same on the flag carrier airline of Ireland. So, always check your baggage restriction while traveling.

Learn the Tipping Guidelines

As we know that Ireland does not have the same culture like other countries but there are some certain tips you should know. In a restaurant with table service, must give 10 to 12 cents tips if you want to do more than you can. Restaurants typically add a service charge to the bill themselves.

Adjust Your Expectations of the Cead Mile Failte

The Irish people have basically an international reputation of extending the cead Mile Failte but sometimes the people of Irish more understand than visitors might expect. When we compare with American customer services people are immediately greeted soon as they enter a shop or restaurant. In short, we can say that the people of Ireland are friendly when speaking with people but they are not always outgoing.

Pre-book Trains

If you want to use public transport for exploring the beauty of Ireland the tempting option is to train. Trains are more comfortable than buses with free WIFI, electrical outfits as well as onboard bathrooms. So, if you buy tickets in advance it gives you significant online booking discounts.

Winter Days Are Short

Anyone who wants to travel to Ireland must know the fact that winter days are significantly short. During December the sunrise is at 8 pm and sets around 9 pm. However, on the summer days, the sun basically sets until 10 pm.

Sunday Is a Day of Rest

A lot of places in Ireland are still open on Sunday but many of them operate limited hours. Independent cafes, restaurants, shops don’t open till 2 pm. So, make sure before going to your favorite location ahead of time.

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