The tourism industry refers to traveling within the country or to any other international destination. However, this traveling is for the purpose of business or pleasure. Therefore, the tourism industry has become an important source of income for many countries, it is especially important for countries with developing economies.

Therefore, in this article, we have placed together the resource of tourism and its importance in the world economy. And we have described the different types of tourism around the world and explored the importance of each type as well.

Importance and different types of the tourism industry

As we have mentioned above, the main focus of our article is to put together the importance of tourism and their industry for any country. Moreover, in this section, we will discuss the different types and benefits of tourism as well. However, these types may include:

  • Volunteer tourism industry
  • Winter tourism industry
  • Eco-tourism industry
  • Mass tourism industry
  • Niche tourism industry

Volunteer tourism industry

Voluntary tourism is instead of traveling with the goal of relaxing on a beach or skiing on some majestic slopes. Tourists will travel to countries and communities for helping less fortunate people out there.

“Volunteer tourism” has recently been criticized as an expression of a white savior complex without being legitimately useful to the people that volunteers intend to help. And it can certainly be harmful.

But fortunately, the volunteer tourism industry also has some clear benefits found in well-managed volunteer programs. These include an influx of funds that would not otherwise have gone to the community concerned, as well as better cross-cultural understanding.

Winter tourism industry

Winter tourism is considered the most popular type of tourism. For example, Ski holidays are popular since the 1860s, and this industry is growing rapidly.

However, many countries are known as centers of the winter tourism industry such as Europe, some specific states in the United States, and Canada as tourism destinations. And Switzerland is the origin of winter tourism and remains the most popular destination.

Eco-tourism industry

The eco-tourism industry is parallel to sustainable tourism, but it differs in that it usually involves small groups, who travel to protect and close to nature areas. Moreover, these tours focus on having a low impact as well as they aim to leave their small footprint there.

Moreover, these types of tours are helpful in fundraising, educating the travelers, and benefits for their local economy and development as well. They also help strengthen communities. These trips will have you taking off with your memories without harming the environment of these destinations.

Mass tourism industry

Mass tourism is the perception of tourism corporations, airlines, and hotels working together to offer package tours. However, with this type of tourism resource, you can book your airline tickets, places where you want to stay, and that entire extra with a single payment.

Therefore, this type of tourism industry is becoming popular incredibly, especially among younger people who want to travel as it is often much cheaper than buying it all separately. For this purpose, many travel agencies often offer a variety of options for mass tourism. Now, these options have mostly been shifted online.

Niche tourism industry

Niche tourism is a type of special tourism industry that focuses on some specific concepts or themes. It can be sports, food, war, or wildlife. Each of these tours will focus on your individual concepts. However, this type of tourism is totally new, and every day more terms and types of niche trips are emerging. Additionally, people become more interested and involved in these unique themes.

Religious tourism industry

The religious tourism industry refers to travel to areas, structures, and buildings of religious significance all over the world. However, many believers of all religions participate in religious tourism as it helps to strengthen their beliefs and faith.


It’s clearly seen by all that there are many types of tourism and it is difficult to describe them. But if we simply define it, then it is an individual who travels to another country, or within his own country, to relax, explore, help or discover something new.